DVD Reviews

Reviews for Expedition Skills :

British Canoe Union
Expedition Skills presents excellent value for money... click here for more

Canoe & Kayak Magazine
Expedition Skills is an excellent showcase of the considerable knowledge and expertise L5 coaches Olly and Nige have amassed over the years on sea kayaking expeditions... click here for more

Ocean Paddler Magazine
Nige Robinson and Olly Sanders are two highly respected sea kayak coaches with a wealth of expedition experience. Following on from other sea-kayak-related DVDs and books, they have teamed up to produce an instructional DVD focused purely on expeditioning... click here for more

Reviews for Rough Water Handling :

Sea Kayaker Magazine
Rough Water Handling is a great way to show calmer water paddlers what adventures await them and how they can prepare for handling those waters... click here for more

Ocean Paddler Magazine
It is awe inspiring and more than a little intimidating to watch great sea kayakers cruising through rough water. In mountainous seas they accomplish turns and surf runs most of us can barely attempt in force four. many of their skills seem to be utterly instinctive and I doubted they could be dissected, codified and explained. Yet after watching this DVD, I think I understand a little more about how they do it... click here for more

Reviews for Self Rescue For Climbers:

Snowdonia Active Website
"You rarely consider as a climber being involved in a serious or potentially serious incident until it happens - a bit late then to start wishing you had watched the new 'Self Rescue For Climbers' DVD, while wondering if you should use a prusik or auto-block knot to help lower your injured partner to safety..." click here for more

Climber Magazine 5 Star Review
"Clearly and attractively filmed in locations around Snowdonia, Gogarth, Malham and the Peak, the narrative belts along at a brisk pace. Sander's and Long's ropeside manner is exemplary... no pretentious soliloquising or patronising dumbing down. Self Rescue takes full advantage of the utility of the DVD format over print media when explaining rope tricks such as bypassing a knot on an abseil or forming a klemheist prusik..." click here for more

Reviews for Sea kayak Safety:

Sea Kayaker Magazine June 2006
"Sea Kayak Safety is a worthwhile DVD for paddlers of all experience levels to watch. It's both informative and enjoyable - an uncommon mix. The demonstrations of rescues in challenging conditions likely to cause capsize in the first place will sober viewers, while at the same time reassuring them that the techniques can work in real-world situations..." click here for more

Seapaddler UK Website
"Leo Hoare and Olly Sanders, two highly respected sea kayak coaches, have produced this DVD, which I am certain will become a valuable resource for all paddlers who are interested in recreational sea kayaking... Its prime function [is] as an educational tool, looking at safe practise in sea kayaking and it certainly succeeded in this remit. Sea kayakers of all abilities would find this DVD stimulating and informative and something which they would want to refer back to on a regular basis..." click here for more